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"After years of cooking Middle Eastern-inspired food at home, I decided to give it a go on the street food circuits. Hafla Hafla means Party Party in Arabic, and I wanted my food to be all about fun.


Starting small, I travelled around locally and then pushed myself further afield to some amazing food festivals and events in Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham & Manchester. My stall started off with five planks of wood and a couple of makeshift signs, but Hafla Hafla has come so far since then.


During this time, the team grew bigger, better & stronger, and without this team we’ve built absolutely none of this would have been possible. Next, Hafla secured a residency in Liverpool’s first ever street food market, Baltic Market, where we’ve become pretty famous for our halloumi fries and pittas. This really kick-started the business and has now made my dream - of having my own place on Lark Lane where I grew up - a reality. Let’s do this!"

Tim Haggis, Owner & Founder

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